都市部を中心に話題になりつつある、カフェで気軽に英会話を習得できる新しい空間です。 落ち着きのあるカフェスタイルだから、安心・リラックスして話せます。 また、習った英語を実践で話せるチャンスでもあります。是非一度足を運んでみてください。


Welcome to Chit Chat Cafe! I’m James.
I was born in the UK and moved to Sapporo in 2004. My hobbies include reading, escaping to the countryside to enjoy nature, playing the guitar, cooking, singing and watching movies.
Chit Chat Cafe is a place where you can practice your English and meet new and interesting people from all walks of life.
We are here to make sure you receive a warm welcome and to give you an opportunity to use the English that you have learnt in a natural environment.
Looking forward to hear your stories!


Hey everyone! My name is Ginie and I’m 20 years old. I’m from France but I’ve been studying English since I was 8 years old. My hobbies are singing, writing and watching movies or series. I came to Japan last October for studies and wish I could become a French teacher in here so I could share what I know to Japanese people.
I’ve known about Japanese culture thanks to my big brother and animes, but when I start studying Japanese in high school I’ve learned about the Shogun area that I found really interesting.

Katy (US/Japan)

My name is Katy and I’m half Japanese and Half American. I was born in Okinawa but I’ve lived in Australia, New Zealand and America, traveling to many places while growing up. I think my traveling has broadened my views on other cultures and people around the world. I hope to keep on traveling to many new destinations in the future 🗺 My interests are being healthy and having an active lifestyle, I love being outdoors and doing sports. I also love animals, singing, dancing and when I’m a bit lazy I enjoy watching Netflix and just relaxing. I am currently trying to improve my Japanese skills so I welcome having a language exchange with you! We could share good music and movie recommendations for each other to practice our language skills ☺️ Let’s grab a coffee together, site down and get to know one another!

Hamad (Bahrain)

Hello everyone! My name is Hamad and I’m 24 years old. I’m from Bahrain and I grow up bilingual I know Arabic and English. I’m interested in learning languages I picked up 3 other languages while living in Bahrain “Persian, Turkish, Indian” but I’m not fluent in any of them. I’ve been in Sapporo since October 2019. I’m currently studying Japanese. I love Japanese language and culture I’m so interested in the history (Japanese and history in general). I got a lot of hobbies like cooking, building robots and gadgets, drawing, writing. I enjoy watching movies and listening to music. I’m planning to continue my studies and become electronic engineer. I’m look forward to meeting you at Chit Chat Cafe!