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James William Pritty, UK
James, England



Hello English speakers!  My name is James and I am from Norwich, a city in the east of England.  I am the owner of Chit Chat Cafe and am here to make sure that you always receive a warm welcome from both me and the other staff that work here.
I have been here in Sapporo for several years and really love the beauty of Hokkaido.  In the summer I love cycling and playing tennis.  During the winter months I am usually indoors in a nice warm place reading a book, or in a karaoke box somewhere singing my heart out.  
Our mission here at Chit Chat Cafe is to create a relaxing space for you to use your English.  Practice makes perfect!  It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes.  Just do your best!  We want you to enjoy interesting and fun conversations, to listen and be listened to and also, of course, to practice your own English. 
English is a key to all continents and cultures and we want you to be in possession of this key so that the door to the world is open for you.
Be patient, have fun, smile, laugh and never give up! 
We really look forward to having you here at Chit Chat Cafe!

Yukako, Japan



Hi! I’m Yukako and I’m from Sapporo. I lived in the U.K. for 6 years and studied sociology and criminology at a university in the east of England.  I look forward to using the English I learnt in the United Kingdom at Chit Chat Cafe!  Of course, I am Japanese, so if you have any problems or questions you can ask me in Japanese too!
I love travelling and meeting people from different countries. We hope this is a place you can practice your English with a relaxing atmosphere while having a cup of tea or coffee. If you want to improve your English, please come along and have a chat with our staff! We are really looking forward to seeing you all at our cafe! 


Jessica, Australia

オーストラリア出身のJessicaは以前ワーキングホリディで日本に住んでいました。日本が大好きで2016年9月に今度は学生として、札幌に戻ってきました! これからしばらくは札幌にいますので、北海道のオススメの場所などを教えてあげてくださいね♪


Hello! My name is Jessica. I am from Australia! I moved to Sapporo recently in September 2016 and I am now studying Japanese at university. I have lived in Japan before while on a working holiday visa but returned again as a student because I fell in love with Japan! I will continue my studies here in Sapporo for the next 4.5 years. I'm really looking forward to the snow to start falling but sad I won't be able to ride my bicycle!

I love travelling but have only ever travelled around Japan and some smaller islands from the coast of Australia. After graduation I plan to climb the Himalayas and feel like I am standing at the edge of the world!

Additionally I love snowboarding and spent two seasons working at a ski resort in Nagano prefecture. Snowboarding is the best feeling in the world I think! Yet before the snow comes I am a beginner in a sport called 'Parkour' which I practice at university.

I look forward to helping you improve your English skills by encouraging you to talk lots and lots! I hope we can share interesting stories with each other ^^


Dee, Turkey

トルコで日本語も勉強していたので、皆さん勉強のお手伝いもできると思います♪ 皆さんとの新しい出会いを楽しみにしているので、ぜひチャットしに来て下さい!


My name is Dee(19) and I’m from Turkey/Ankara. I’m currently studying in Hokudai, will be here for the next 4 years (hopefully!).

Sapporo is the finest place of all places to be honest, and the food is amazing. Especially tonkatsu is a god sent gift. But this winter... I’ve seen snow before, but good god isn’t this city something else in terms of snow and cold. Still, I’m up for the challenge and looking forward to surviving Sapporo for the upcoming years!

I love walking outside while listening to some music under the rain, and I’m a huge huge fan of sleeping and eating (seriously^^). I also like watching good movies under a warm blanket in a cold night with a coffee, and playing games.

Before coming to Sapporo, I was studying Japanese back home in a university, and my Japanese level is pretty high. So please do not feel reserved, as I can help if you happen to stumble just a little bit. Also my hobby of meeting new people is the reason why I’m here, so if you’d like to talk to me, or make some new friends, please do drop by. I’m fairly certain this is going to be fun, and I am truly looking forward meeting you all!


Juliana, Finland
Juliana, Finland



Nice to meet you, I’m Juliana from Helsinki, Finland. Currently 20 years old, after graduating an English international high school, I am studying in Sapporo at Hokkaido University’s Modern Japanese Studies Program (MJSP) and enjoying Japanese seasons. I have been studying Japanese ever since middle school, and I keep my mind open in order to understand the people and the country. I love all kinds of Japanese foods, even natto!
 I love cats, and I own a ginger kitty back in Finland called Sofi. I listen to mainly classical music and my dream is to learn to sing classical songs, opera pieces and French chansons one day. History, books and philosophy are also my dear interests. When I learn Japanese, I feel like I get closer to the country’s people and make friends easier. I hope that I can give the same feeling to the people who come to learn English. I look forward to working at chit chat cafe!



Shiela, Philippines



Hello, everyone! I'm Shiela Velasquez. I have a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education
major in English. I used to be a High School teacher in the Philippines. I arrived in Sapporo April of this year. I never thought of going to Japan but after working as an online tutor for Japanese English learners -- I fell in love with the culture and people. So I thought -- Hey! I'm going to Japan!, and tada! I'm now here! A new culture, a new environment, money, personal development, professional development, adventure,beautiful scceneries, great food (and beer) -- these are just some of the reasons why I chose Hokkaido.

I am an ALT working in public Junior High School in Sapporo. I really love teaching. It's all that I want to do -- I think it's all I can do. I dreamed to be a teacher since I was in six years old, I always wanted to be a teacher because I want to change the world in my own way. I was lucky to have talented and passionate teachers when I was little – they inspired me to be one. I remember playing school at our house backyard and made my siblings and neighbors as students and of course, me as their teacher.

In my mind, I am someone who can float through life, all free-spirited like, taking impromptu trips and just going with the flow. I envision myself as the type of person who can truly make it through the weekend with only a weekender bag. I’m the girl that can grab a towel and a bottle of SPF and head to the beach for a day of fun and sand. Back in the Philippines, I like going to the beach a lot. I used to hang out by the beach with my friends. I dont have those two with me in Sapporo -- beach and my friends so what I do during my free time is watch TV series and movies on Netflix while binge eating ( or drinking) or I go to Karaoke with friends and try out good restaurants in Sapporo.

I am looking forward to meeting you all at Chit Chat Cafe!



Fernando, Brazil

語でも遠慮なく聞いてみてください!一緒にがんばろうね!٩( ᐛ )و


Hello! I’m Fernando, directly from Brazil to the capital of the Hokkaido. I have lived in Japan
before, but those were mostly short-term experiences in Honshu. Now, it’s been a full year since I moved to Sapporo and I’m here to stay for (at least) 4 more years as a Hokudai
My hobbies are taking photos of urban scenery, walking around the city, cycling (during summertime), travelling and listening to music. I’m deeply interested in political science and the contemporary Japanese indie music scene. I also play volleyball, so if you feel like playing too, let’s do it sometime!
Although I don’t have much time to travel because of classes, one of the best trips I ever had was to Toyako-onsen. The experience there was so great that I’d like to recommend the place to everyone.
I’m looking forward to meeting new people at Chit Chat Cafe!


Avery, Vietnam



Hi everybody, my name is An but please call me Avery. I’m from Vietnam. I’m currently studying Japanese at university here in Sapporo. In 2015, I went on a short study exchange program and I have been in love with this country ever since so I decided to come back. My dream is to bridge the gap between Asian countries and create a strong community.
There are two things that I love most: watching movies and helping people. My love for Japan actually started from an anime called Fairy Tail. Not only that I learn new languages through movies, I also get to know the country’s beautiful culture.
Before coming to Japan, I was also a English teacher for nearly 1 year, specializing on IELTS speaking skill. I love talking about different subjects and topics like science, culture, language… so we can basically talk about almost anything!
I am looking forward to talking and helping you with your English skills. Hope we can have interesting conversation and share our stories with each other.


Oli, UK
Oli, UK



Hi everyone! My name is Oli, I’m 31, and I’m originally from a seaside town in the south of England, but I have lived in London since the age of 18. I first came to Japan four years ago for my honeymoon, and since then I have returned to Japan eight times. My wife and I decided we want to live and work in Japan, so I moved to Sapporo in January 2018 to improve my Japanese language skills. In London I worked as a civil engineer (my speciality was planning railways) but here in Japan I want the chance to share my passion for English language.
I have lots of hobbies, so I am certain that we will find many things to chat about. My biggest interest is food, particularly washoku, so I hope we can share recommendations on restaurants and recipes for Japanese home cooking. I also love to travel: I have been all over Europe and have visited over half of the prefectures in Japan, and I often go mountain walking and visit onsen. I play the piano and really enjoy karaoke; recently I have been trying to learn more Japanese songs.
I look forward to practising lots of conversation together so that you can build your confidence and, most importantly, enjoy expressing yourself in English!


Isabel, Spain



Hi everyone! My name is Isabel and I'm from Spain, particularly from Canary Islands, a small warm paradise in Atlantic Ocean (you should search for it on Google! It will surprise you). How I ended here, in this cold northern island of Japan? Well, It's a long story that I will be pleased to tell you if we meet at the cafe. My hobbies are reading books (manga included), watching series (also anime) and playing video games mainly, but I also enjoy to draw, swim/dive, knit, sew and craft basically. Ah! I also like music! Most of the time you can see me around the city wearing my big blue headphones (I love that color!). By the way, I know it is a topic from people who love blue colors, but marine wildlife and their environments always fascinated me. That's why I decided to study marine science and aquaculture, with the aim to protect the oceans and help to recover marine biodiversity. Now in Sapporo, I'm jumping to the next level as a doctoral student of Hokkaido University neuroscience department (I know it's a big jump, but I'll not give up!). If you want to know more about me, please don't hesitate to talk to me! See you in Chit Chat Cafe!


Shivaji, India



Hello friends, I am Shivaji from India. I was born and raised in Kolkata which is called the “City of Joy”.  I have been working here in Earth & Planetary Science Division, Hokudai as a Ph.D. student since October, 2015. Basically my research work is focused on the Himalayan Tectonics. Hence, the Himalayas have always been very close to me. Being a passionate photographer, I have captured all the good moments I experienced. After coming to Japan, I have found a different world in a dormitory and was getting to know the people from all over the world. And also, I was so fortunate to be in Tokyo, Osaka, Okayama and different parts of Hokkaido. Zozankei onsen is one of the beautiful places I have ever visited. I am a foodie and in my spare time I get myself involved in cooking delicious food. I love singing songs and listening to music especially percussion music. During my school days I used to play Tabla (Indian percussion instrument).
I would be pleased to have an opportunity to know more about Japan and Japanese life and share my all experiences with you. So, I am looking forward to spend a wonderful time with you at Chit Chat Café. Let’s enjoy English together.



Lucia, Canada/Italy



Hello everyone! My name is Lucia. I'm originally from Quebec (Canada), but I moved to Vancouver in high school. By plane it takes about 5 hours! In that much time I can go all the way to Taiwan from Sapporo. 

Since my childhood I've been surrounded by languages: my dad is Italian, but spoke Spanish with his coworkers; my stepmom is Lebanese and would speak Arabic; and all my compulsory education was done in French.

I fell in love with Japan when I was 14 years old. I loved everything, the culture, the history, the language, the music, the cinematography. I especially love Kurosawa Akira movies, the actor Mifune Toshiro and Enka songs. My favourite Kurosawa movie is Ikiru.

Like many other Chit Chat staff I am here as a Hokkaido University student for 4 years. Can’t wait to get to know you all and share our various experiences and stories!


Ana, Russia
Ana, Russia


Hello! My name is Anastasia and I’m from Russia. I came to Japan in 2017 after I graduated from high school and started to study Japanese. Also lived in Japan with my family when I was a kid and had experienced in international kinder garden for one year. I do remember this time even I was little, it was so much fun! Since than I was coming to Sapporo almost every summer and I really like it here. So after I finished school I had no hesitation on choosing a place for living and study. Also I like to bake cakes, snowboarding, hiking, and talk about it as well!
Please feel free to talk to me. It’s going to be so much fun, can’t wait to know you all!


Peter, Canada
Peter, Canada


My name is Peter Anderson. I'm a thirty year old Canadian living in Sapporo teaching English. I would say that I am an easy going person who likes to go on adventures. That's why I moved to Japan!  I have lived in Japan for around 3 years, first living in Hiroshima prefecture and then moving to Sapporo about six months ago. I really love this city!

My hobbies are muscle training, igo and watching anime. One reason I moved to Japan was to explore the culture that created or introduced me to so many things that I love.  I also love coffee, sweets and ramen, so, if you can recommend any great cafes or restaurants to me I would really appreciate it!

I'm looking forward to meeting new people and exchanging languages through chit chat cafe. Hope to see you soon!


Rocky, Australia



G’Day! I’m Lachlan Gilshenan/Rocky from Australia and I’m here to chat English! I arrived in Sapporo at the beginning of September 2018 on a working holiday visa. I am in Japan to have a change of pace from my life in Australia. I love Sapporo; and I hope to live here until September 2019!
In Australia I did many things from Administration I.T to photography and cinematography. I love to travel and take photos. My dream is to travel the world taking photos!
My other hobbies include music; I can play guitar, piano, saxophone, clarinet and a little bit of trumpet. I’m also pretty good at fixing things, particularly computers.
I can’t wait to meet you all and to begin assisting your English studies! I love to chat and I’m sure we will have so much to talk about! I hope we call learn a lot about each other!


Lew, UK
Lew, UK




Hello everyone! My name is Lewis and I’m from England, but please call me Lew or Lewi. :) I was born in London but moved to a rural county near Wales called Shropshire when I was young and grew up there. I have many hobbies but in particular I enjoy listening to a variety of music, playing the drums, visiting places of natural beauty, both playing and watching football and watching films! In England, I mainly worked as a session drummer! This usually involved me going to a studio to record backing tracks, most commonly for instructional CDs for people who were learning to play the drums, but occasionally for other musicians as well. I also performed live sometimes with a variety of different musicians ranging from pop groups to rock bands to jazz ensembles.

I love animals and studied veterinary science at university in Liverpool! After graduating, I moved to Manchester to work for British Airways, where I was able to go and watch my favourite team Manchester United every week! Unfortunately we haven’t been quite the same since Sir Alex left though...!

I also love Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine especially! I can’t really think of many Japanese dishes that I don’t like, but I can certainly think of plenty of English ones!

I really enjoy teaching English and actually have a TEFL qualification! I also really enjoy meeting new people and would like to make some new friends here in Sapporo and help people with their English, so when you have a chance, please come by and say hello to me! I’m looking forward to meeting you all :)


Maggie, USA



Hello everyone! My name is Maggie. I am from Kentucky in the United States, a place known for horses, bourbon, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. I moved to Sapporo in 2017 and I am currently a student at Hokkaido University. I am studying Japanese language, history, politics, and culture. I came to Japan once before in high school for an exchange and had a wonderful time. I still talk to my host family who live in Shinhidaka, about two hours from Sapporo.I love taking walks and biking around the city, and listening to music. My main hobby is watching Chinese, Korean, and Japanese dramas. So, if anyone is interested in Hana Yori Dango I would love to chat about it! I used to horse-back ride while living in the States, and I am looking forward to try and horse-back ride in the snow this winter.I am very excited to speak and teach English, and don't feel shy because my Japanese still needs to be improved as well! I can't wait to make new friends at the Chit-Chat Cafe!








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